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the fog is so dense there have been delays tonight at bay area airports, and it could be pretty murky tomorrow. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. the fog tonight and the fierce wind. later tomorrow, a strong system is moving our way. sandhya patel is tracking it for you. first, let's talk about the fog tonight. >> yes, dan. if you step outside some parts of the area it is like pea soup. a dense fog advisory has been issued until 7:00 a.m. wednesday. this includes the bay shoreline, the santa clara valley including san jose. the san jose airport is reporting visibility less than a quarter of a mile. they are down to an 8th of
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a mile. look out for the dense fog. the wind will pick up tomorrow and so a high wind warning goes into affect at 6:00 tomorrow morning and continues until 6:00 p.m. thursday. this covers the higher terrain and gusts to 70 miles an hour are possible over the ridges and peaks. that means the downed trees and the power lines. lower elevations are under a wind advisory with gusts to 45 miles an hour. dan, i will be back to tell you when the strongest winds will hit when i come back with my detailed accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. pg&e is gearing up for the windstorm sandhya is talking about. you can see tree trimming crews out in oaknd la. they are cutting off -- in oakland. they are cutting off branches. santa rosa is warning people to be prepared for power outages. and they are preparing for the wind at oakland international. they are asking smaller planes, and telling people to secure them. and they are checking with commercial carriers for alternate land sites in case a
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wind shear develops. new developments in a shootout that injured seven including a toddler. that boy is in critical condition after taking a bullet to the head. police identified several people they are looking for. alan wang is live in oakland with the latest. >> dan, police won't say how many or who they are looking for, only that they now have a lead in this case. we do know they have been examining the video that captured the shooting from six different angles. >> you can see a group of people gathered in the state market and liquor store preparing to shoot a music video 6:30 on monday evening. from this angle three armed suspects approach next to the store and open fire as they come around the building. the shots send everyone running for cover. one person falls to the ground and appears to be firing back. two attackers with draw, but one stays and continues firing his weapon. the man on the ground uh --
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appears to be hit and drags himself behind the truck. the car windows shattered and building and several cars are riddled with bullets. >> i never heard that many gunshots before in my life. >> inside the store a man takes cover. a man in a wheelchair knocks over merchandise as they retreat to the back of the store. several people in the crowd drew weapons and returned fire. police say they are not cooperating. >> we know for a fact that there are a lot of witnesses who saw what happened and who were asking that the public help us identify who did this. >> inside the store you can see the feet of a toddler who is being held by his father talking to another man. moments before the shooting, the father and son were standing right here, and just after they walked out and into the parking lot, the shooting began. hirum lawrence who turns 2 in december was shot in the head and his father shot in the hand while holding him. >> we are just praying and
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keeping my nephew in our prayers. it is a sad thing. >> police say hirum's grand mother drove the boy and his father to children's hospital oakland in this cadillac suv. five other injured people were driven by private vehicles to highland hopts. in all, police say more than 50 bullets were fired, and that doesn't include these two copper jacketed slugs discovered near the store tonight while we were there. >> earlier today, they visited the boy at the hospital. a man and woman are in critical condition. again police say they are now looking for specific people in connection with this case. reporting live from children's hospital in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thanks very much. and some breaking news. protesters at occupy los angeles can't believe their eviction is imminent. these are live pictures. police have not said when they
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will clear out the protesters, an lapd spokesman says a tactile alert was issued because of an unusual occurrence downtown. you can see large number of protestors in the street. authorities have blocked off -- as the helicopter shot zooms out you can see it. they blocked off part of the roadway and it backed up traffic near city hall. police put up the traffic barriers around the encampment at city hall as the protesters use trash and recycling bins to block the main entrance to the camp. they believe a police eviction is imminent. the mayor said it was time to evict occupy l.a. after learning children were living at the camp. so again as you look at live pictures from los angeles, know hundreds of police officers have been staging, and it appears that they are getting ready to move in and evict occupy demonstrators in downtown l.a. near city hall. back in san francisco, some occupy protestors are
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preparing to stand their ground at justin herman plaza. they rejected the proposal to move the camp to another location. john alston is live to explain why they do not want to relocate. >> well, they don't like the new rules against having children at the new encampment as well as the rules preventing the tents from being close together. also, the protesters don't want to move and possibly forfeit their ability to stay here. >> did not represent our needs for a new location to expand to. and it kind of took away our initiative in the whole process. >> tonight protesters had already packed up and thought they would be out of justin herman plays -- plaza reassembled their tents for another night here. >> it screwed up my whole day. hurry up and wait and then not to leave in the end. i sat here every day thinking i was going to leave. i kept waiting for the truck to show up. >> all of the news stuff in the last day.
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>> at the general assembly, a liaison with the city told the crowd that san francisco wanted an agreement in the morning and that the group would leave justin herman plaza. wednesday would be a day to look over the logistics of the new location in the mission district, and thursday is a day they would help move. >> what i would like to do is move over to the other side and then come back here and defend my medical tent on the basis of right to assemble. the city would like them to assemble at the high school on mission between 15th and 16th. today workers were sprucing up the grounds while neighbors were dreading what the occupy encampment might bring. >> there is a lot of drug trafficking and crime. 15th and mission, it is well known. i love my neighborhood, but it is known. the people i see down by the ferry building and market, like a hundred feet from that is ridiculous. >> but sam who runs the market across the street is willing
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to give it a chance. joy i am not worried about it at all. it is how you communicate with others. i think we have a mutual understanding to get along and respect each other's space and work together. >> but the deal was rejected and they are planing a protest. the protesters concede that some people here at justin herman will go to the new location while others will stay here and risk possible arrest. john alston, abc news. >> thank you. the city of oakland is allowing occupy protestors to put up a tee pea in front of the plaza. every time they tried to put it up police folded it back up. then they issued a 3-day permit requiring the tee pea be taken down, and then no one sleeps in it. they will hold an around the clock vigil at the plaza. and occupy protesters are occupying the port of oakland. the group says it will shut down, quote, wall street on the waterfront on december
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12th. remember these pictures? they held a general strike that closed the port of oakland for hours. port officials say they will not allow unlawful demonstrations and are working on a plan to keep the port open. a vallejo police officer who died in the line of duty will be remembered tomorrow at the high school where he coached. he coached the girl's basketball team at vallejo high school. a service will be held there for him tomorrow morning at 11:00. governor brown plans to attend and we will have a live stream on our website, his accused killer pleaded not guilty today. prosecutors say he shot him after robbing a bank on november 17th. more to bring you. up next, a city tired of waiting for the state to act. this little girl was killed in the crosswalk. what east palo alto is planning to do to keep it from happening again. and the printer that some believe that can be set on fiery moatly by hacker -- fire
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remotely by hackers. and a new law going into affect in san francisco, and mcdonalds finds a loophole. all of that is coming up. and then late other "nightline." >> coming um, behind the scenes of the seoul suspect -- the sole suspect of a missing woman a rew bo -- in aruba. and we will show you how to make money in this market.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to tonight officials in east palo alto are tired of waiting on the state to protect people. six-year-old torres swraw mora was killed as she walked in the crosswalk of bay road and gloria way. there have been several accidents at that intersection, but not enough to meet state requirements to put up a stot sign. as lisa amin gulezian reports, the city is taking action on their own. >> it takes a second or two to injure or kill a child or a person. >> at tonight's east palo alto city council meeting, the talk was on traffic safety, but the foe cause was on zamora, the
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little girl who was fatally killed while crossing the street at bay road and gloria way. since then, the community has demanded change come to this intersection where this year alone another little boy was hit in the same crosswalk. a bicyclist and car collided and a head on crash happened. residents say a stop sign is the answer. >> there is a necessity for the stop sign. >> but the state guidelines require five collisions to take place within a 12-month period to justify installing a stop sign. at bay and gloria there have been four. tonight the city engineer recommended installing flashing led lights. the school crossing signage, high visibility crosswalks, yield signs and no parking signs north of the intersection. >> still think that on top of those improvements the stop signs would help.
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>> puting a stop sign there for now makes sense. >> the city can create their own guidelines. tonight the council voted 4-1 to adopt the improvements while continuing to wrork -- to work on a stop sign plan. >> the transportation commission will now review whether stop signs are necessary in that area. if it decides they are, members will write up an ordinance which the council will vote on next month. in east palo alto, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. well, starting this week, mcdonalds in san francisco will start charging customers 10 cents extra for toys in happy meals. the fast-food chain found a loophole in the ordinance. the so-called happy meal law allows toys to be included only with meals that meet certain nutritional standards. mcdonalds has made changes including add -- adding apple slices. that's not enough for the new standards. mcdonalds says the money charged for the toys will 2 to the ronald mcdonald house
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charity. hewlett-packard says a claim the laser jet printers can be hacked into and set on fire is inaccurate. researchers at columbia university say they found a flaw that allows hackers to reprogram the winters giving the attacker full control of printer functions. but hp released a statement saying the laser printer has a hardware element that is designed to prevent the fuser from over heating or causing a fire. >> theoretic it is possible that if you have a security vulnerability, you could get into the printer, but it is extremely unlikely. >> so if you have one of these printers at home, know that hp says it is now building a firm wear upgrade to mitigate this issue. no customers have reported unauthorized access to their printers. politics, herman cain's campaign manager says there is no way he is backing out. he told his aides that he was
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reassessing his campaign. this follows an accusation that the woman add -- an extramarital uh fair. four other women accused him of sexual misconduct or harassment. they admit that it has become a distraction to the campaign. a very big breakthrough for the tunnel's fourth bore projects. the crews tunneling from the west side broke through connecting the two sides being dug. the four-year, $390 million project is designed to ease traffic on highway 24. it is expected to open by late 2013 scprkts commuters can -- and the commuters can hardly wait. let's go back and talk about the weather where we started. sandhya patel is here talking about fog and serious wind. >> absolutely. and those are going to make for some rough conditions on the roadways. let me show you a video that was submitted by our own terry
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mcsweeney. this is what you are going to be facing in parts of the bay area in the morning. rapidly changing conditions due to the fog we have a you report photo, foggy in santa clara is up mitted by sammy m. and you will be seeing many scenes like this first thing in the morning. fog has become pretty thick out there. the north bay and down to the peninsula, i want to show you the current visibilities. it is down to an 8th of a mile. let me show you the live picture of the way it looks. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. you can barely see the cars driving into the fog. give yourself some extra time. drive with caution. as you look at the other visibilities, you will notice that is a quarter of a mile in novato. fog is reducing visibility in mountain view. an eighth of a mile at the san jose airport. sfo, not so bad. an eight-mile visibility. we are certainly going to face a potential for some delays at the airports first thing tomorrow morning.
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the temperatures right now ranging from 38 in napa to the low 50s in san francisco, oakland and half moon bay. the areas of dense fog tonight. strong winds developing tomorrow with a high wind warning going into affect for the hills. it will continue until thursday afternoon. the lower elevations as i mentioned earlier in the broadcast. there is the front that will set the stage for some changes. the dense fog will quickly clear away as this cold front brings the colder air from the upper layers of the atmosphere and down near the surface. there is not much moisture to deal with. but the higher pressure builds in and it will create gusty northeasterly winds, and that's why we are concerned particularly late tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night. that's when we are expecting the strongest winds in the bay area. in the morning, you will need extra time for that morning drive. the upper 30s in the inland east bay and the north bay valleys, so getting chilly out there. you will need a sweater and jacket and areas of dense fog.
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most other areas will be in the 40s. tomorrow afternoon, the wind picks up, but the temperatures also rise in response. sunny skies and the fog will get scoured out by the wind. 66 degrees in santa rosa. 63 in san francisco, richmond, fremont antioch. palo alto, mid60s along with half moon bay. and a sunny afternoon for the monterey bay. look at these temperatures. really mild as we head toward december. 72 in santa cruz. 73 in monterey and watsonville. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. watch out for the dense fog in the morning. the wind is later on in the afternoon and the evening. the dry pattern will stick around right through the weekend. really for the next seven days, dan, but it will get cooler twice a weekend. >> thank you very much. coming up, a basketball star turns into a napa wine maker. get the story in a moment.
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he may not be the best wine maker, but he is the
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tallest. yao ming hopes to make a big impression on china's wine market by launching his own label. he released a napa cabernet. only 6% of the wines from california come from the united states and they hope ming can gain some market share. ming's wine will be sold in the united states next year for $170 a bottle. so it is high end stuff. >> for a high end guy. not to be confused with 2 buck chuck. >> that's not yao's brand. the blitz was on with david shaw putting on a clinic for the media. and exactly why andrew luck and exactly why andrew luck should win the
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sears customer appreciation sale is on now. and exactly why andrew luck should win the keep them warm with 50% off coats for the whole family. plus, use your savings pass to get an extra 15% off clothing. or 20% off when you use your sears card. that's real gifts for real joy. sears.
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finish the heisman trophy?
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hut, hut, hut that's why. those are the three plays or some of the plays that luck calls in the huddle. he decides which of the three they will run in the line of scrimmage and then executes. as coach david shaw explained in his power point display, very unusual to begin with, no other qb in college football does this. so much of stanford's success depends on luck. there is no doubt in his mind who is the best player in the country. >> tango edge, kill spider 2 wide. that's three plays called in the huddle. she making the decision at the last scrimmage. it is unheard of. >> this is the guy you want, size, speed, athleticism, arm strength, competitiveness, leadership, he is the ideal quarterback and the ideal football player you want on your team. >> he lost me at banana zeus 6. control yourself or pay the
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price is the message. he was suspended for two games for the stomping incident on thanksgiving. the lineman called the commissioner to apologize, but his after the whistle exploits have added up. he is out for two games and docked $164,000. the jacksonville jaguars fired their long-time coach jack del rio who grew up in hayward. he is 3 and 8 and the team was just sold leading to chatter about a possible move to l.a. bruce bochy and brian sabien have a little more job security. their deals will run through the 2013 season. bochy will soon begin his 6th year with the giants highlighted by yesterday's world series victory. no gm in the majors has more tenure. it started with the giants in 1996. the red sox reportedly hiring bar be ballentine as -- bobbie ballentine as their new manager. he has experience with the rangers and the mets. he rubs some people the wrong way, but gets maximum effort
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from his players. lebron james and dwyane wade topping up souvenirs in columbus. number 4 ohio state and the buckeyes open with a 9-0 run. and then sellinger inside. austin rivers ahead of mason plumly reversing with authority. that was a baby jam. ohio state blows it open. the buckeyes by 19 at the half. he is crafty and passing to himself as it turned out. 60-41. ohio state in a rare route of duke, 85-63. and that is your toyota sports report. >> very good. thanks. well, that is this edition of abc7 news. "nightline" is up next. for larry beil, carol carolyn johnson, sandhya patel and dan ashley, appreciate your time. be careful. it will be foggy out there tonight and will be in the morning. see you tomorrow.
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